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Rotation Thromboelastometry system – Rotem® delta

Viscoelastic testing with ROTEM delta and its comprehensive liquid reagent portfolio, provides rapid differential diagnostics information regarding coagulopathies to optimize transfusion decisions in major surgeries and traumatic bleeding scenarios. Coagulation status overview within 10 minutes quickly helps identify an underlying coagulopathy and guides appropriate decisions for individualized and goal-directed therapy.

Redefining bleeding control.

Optimal Patient Blood Management and efficiency

Guiding patient blood management with ROTEM systems can reduce unnecessary transfusions, re-operation and infection rates, hospital length of stay and total hospital costs and mortality.  As a result, hospital efficiency and patient care are enhanced.


  • Rapid patient management decisions

Results from ROTEM delta analysis, available within 5-10 minutes, help optimize patient treatment and monitor results. Four channels and a comprehensive reagent portfolio aid in the evaluation of coagulopathies. Simplified and rapid interpretation, real-time results, and remote viewing capabilities allow for enhanced patient management decisions.

  • Advanced technology for quantitative and qualitative results

Measuring clot elasticity of whole blood samples, the ROTEM delta system enables both quantitative and qualitative assessment of clot status. Vibration-resistant stabilized thromboelastometry with 24-hour internal, mechanical monitoring.

  • Easy and safe handling

Automated pipetting for standardized volumes. Single-use reagents for fast and reliable results. Intuitive touchscreen. Integrated training program and trouble-shooting.